Our services

All organizations, regardless of their age, nature, or sector, pass through different stages. There are high periods and there are low periods. Convergence, coopérative d’expertes conseils provides personalized consulting services for every stage of an organization’s life cycle.

Our commitment to providing services that are genuinely adapted to our clients’ needs and situations has often landed us in the heart of truly innovative projects. We are strong believers in change and in improving people’s living and working conditions. In addition, we have had a hand in creating new portals, events, and collective structures, as well as custom-tailored facilitation and community action tools.

Whatever your situation or needs, our services can help you preserve or restore the health of your group or business. They are grouped according to our three principal focuses: creating conditions conducive to organizational development, preservation of expertise and achievements, and resolving challenges.



Research and studies

Strategic planning and repositioning

Project management

Events organisation

Creating conducive conditions

At some point in the life of an organization, questions may arise concerning its context, strengths, potential, results, or impact. Those involved want to know how to improve the situation and create conditions that will foster the organization’s development.

Organizational health is maintained by anticipating needs, understanding the issues, and careful planning. Convergence can provide the objective perspective you need when there are important decisions to be made.

+- Research and studies

(needs assessments, community portraits, situational analyses)

  • Are you thinking about developing a new niche or expanding your service package?
  • Do you need to document specific needs of the community, or a new social issue?
  • Do you need data to convince funders to invest in a project?

Marketing research

  • Do you want to assess the likelihood of success of a new product or service or the potential of a new market?
  • Do you want to accurately target your customers and learn more about your competitors?

Market research provides conclusive qualitative and quantitative information that helps you improve your understanding of your customers, competition and market. Market research is about the dynamic environment in which your business is evolving or will be evolving. It is an indispensable decision-support tool that will help you establish your goals, priorities and marketing strategies.

Call us to find out how you can benefit from our extensive research and market research experience that will put you on track for success.

Tools such as a research project, survey, community portrait, or situational analysis can be very helpful when you need an accurate overview of the situation.

Our solid research experience is much appreciated by our clients.

+- Strategic planning and repositioning

  • Are you questioning your organization’s identity or purpose?
  • Does it seem like things are at a standstill?
  • Wondering about the best way to establish your vision for the next few years?

Strategic planning is an essential process for all organizations, large and small. It allows you to clarify your mission, articulate your vision and medium- and long-term goals, and measure your progress.

Convergence can support you throughout the process of strategic reflection and guide you in formulating and implementing your three- or five-year strategic plan.

+- Project management

  • Do you need help developing a new project?
  • Are you short of time or human resources to move the project forward?
  • Will you convene different partners around a common goal?
  • Need help developing a financial strategy?

Our project coordination service can help you accelerate and facilitate the achievement of your goals.

+- Events organisation

  • You are looking for a team of professionals to plan, organize and coordinate the logistics of your events, conferences, forums, etc.?
  • Need help with content development?
  • Do you require expertise to ensure that your event meets your goals and produces real results?

The experienced Convergence team will make your event a success.

Maintaining expertise and achievements

Team building

Program assessments,project evaluations,impact studies


Preserving expertise and achievements

It’s not always easy to manage or maintain balance within an organization.

Convergence helps to preserve and improve your team’s effectiveness. We’re convinced that motivation is a gauge of organizational success and that certain management practices foster motivation among the individuals in an organization.

+- Team building

  • Are your human resources burned out or lacking motivation?
  • Are board members less engaged? Do the members of your staff team work in silo?
  • Do you have a high staff turnover rate? Is employee retention an issue?

Our methods and intervention tools are simple and effective, and will help you understand the situation and come up with solutions to restore a healthy and stimulating work climate.

+- Evaluation (program and project evaluations, impact assessment)

  • Do you need to report on a project’s effectiveness?
  • Do you want to document the impact of a program or service?
  • Are you unsure about the appropriateness of certain policies or practices?

Evaluation is the tool you need in these circumstances. Ongoing evaluation allows you to review things from the start of a program or project, and, if necessary, recalibrate in real time while work or activities are in progress. You can use the information immediately, rather than just waiting until the end to get a report.

+- Training tailored to your needs

  • Do you think there is a need for training in your organization or company?
  • Could your board members use some training about their roles and responsibilities or another subject?

Whether it is for your employees or board, we can design a custom-tailored training session to meet your particular needs, including a training guide, tool, or manual adapted to your situation.

Resolving challenges

Ogganizational diagnosis

Conflict management

Guidance in the implementation of intervention plans

Resolving challenges

Sometimes an organization finds itself in trouble, but the underlying cause is not clear. How to restore balance?

We can provide you with an accurate diagnosis of the situation and the most suitable intervention strategy. We can also help you later on with implementation and monitoring.

+- Organizational diagnosis

  • Have working relations and the work climate begun to deteriorate?
  • Would you like to review your current work organization and practices?
  • Are your members or clients losing interest in the organization or its services?

An organizational diagnosis allows you to ascertain the cause of the problem. Convergence can help you determine appropriate solutions to correct the situation, restore vitality to your organization, and ensure you are better equipped to fulfill your mission.

+- Conflict management

  • Are there tensions within your organization that you are unable to resolve?
  • Are your current work methods or governance practices the subject of disagreement?

It’s smart to pay attention to the climate within an organization because poorly managed conflict can be costly from every point view. A smoothly conducted intervention will ease the way to an optimal settlement of the situation.

+- Coaching

  • Do you have the impression that your workload is so heavy that you are in a constant state of urgency?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of implementing an intervention plan?

Our organizational consulting and support services can help you clarify things and greatly facilitate the whole process.

Our tools

 outils1 The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): an internationally renowned test used in group and corporate development to improve communication and productivity and ensure long-lasting development and growth.
 outils2 Appreciative Inquiry: an organizational development approach and procedure used to foster innovation through teamwork, and to support organizations in the process of change by creating a stimulating work environment and optimizing the use of each individual’s qualities. With this tool, you can determine not only what is healthy and works well for your organization, but also how to use it as a springboard for development and transformation.
 outils3 The Thomas-Kilmann method: an evaluation tool used to prevent and resolve conflict within teams by evaluating the dynamics of conflicts and determining the means to direct efforts toward the achievement of common goals.
 outils4 Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP): an approach and process based on the language, neurology, and behavioural programming that structure human experience which involves a set of practices designed to improve communication and facilitate acceptance of change.
 outils5 Facilitation of groups and events, small and large: used to generate fruitful reflection and innovative solutions, facilitation encourages group awareness of the organizational context and provides participants with a comprehensive vision of the situation.