Convergence’s mission is to provide its clients with relevant and diversified expertise to ensure adequate and efficient assistance, to strengthen their autonomy and to support the sustainability of their services to the community.

Proudly based in the Outaouais region since 1984, Convergence’s vast experience and numerous achievements with a variety of clients has allowed the cooperative to establish its name and develop know-how in several areas of expertise.

Benefits for our clients:

  • Variety of customized approaches
  • Methods focused on tangible results
  • Solution oriented collaborative work
  • Actions on the innovation and performance drivers
  • Assistance in all phases of your organization’s life cycle
  • Enhancement of the existing conditions within your organization

To guarantee the health, vitality, and future of your organization, Convergence contributes towards the creation of conditions conducive to development, the maintenance of expertise and achievements, and the successful resolution of challenges that may arise.

conducive conditions

Research and studies

Strategic planning and repositioning

Project management

Events organisation

Maintaining expertise
and achievements

Team building

Program assessments,project evaluations,impact studies



Ogganizational diagnosis

Conflict management

Guidance in the implementation of intervention plans

In Action