Established for 30 years on both sides of the Outaouais River, Convergence is a cooperative of consultants who serve a clientele based in Gatineau and Ottawa, as well as many pan-Canadian organizations.

We work with non-profit groups and cooperatives, unions, public and parapublic sector institutions, and private enterprises.

Our seasoned and versatile team can support you in a personalized process of reflection, analysis, and adaptation to change and new solutions.

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Our team

Professional in communication, mobilization and community development



Carolane Larocque

Graduated in communications, public relations, mobilization and development of local communities, Carolane Larocque is an excellent speaker and a unifying professional. Her career path in the community for nearly 10 years as the manager of an intersectoral consultation table has allowed her to develop various skills. She stands out for her positive energy, her spirit of synthesis and her creativity. Her experience in the municipal environment, both administrative and political, makes her journey rich in experiences.

Idéatrice professionnelle et vulgarisatrice de contenu




An outstanding popularizer, Marie Pier Garneau facilitates the understanding of issues, processes, methods, questions and visions. With nearly 10 years in the world of teaching and training for 18-29 year olds, she finely combines empathetic listening, animation and dynamic group facilitation to innovate and solve problems. With a Master’s degree in education, her ability to synthesize information is an undeniable strength when it comes to moving from a micro to a macro vision and highlighting intervention priorities. Her professional background is tinged with a solid experience in the social economy, in business creation, project ideation and group facilitation.

Broad experience in research and project management



Lizethe Rodriguez

With widespread knowledge and a proven track record in science management, Lizethe Rodriguez holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and two undergraduate degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Committed to pursuing a professional career characterized by extensive and diversified experiences and learning, she has fulfilled a wide range of management, planning and research mandates for private, public, semipublic and community sector organizations. She is specialized in market research, event organization, communication strategy, quantitative method analysis, and investigation and survey design. She speaks and writes fluently French, Spanish and English.

Specialist in project and business development




Holder of a bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in management, Stéphanie Otis has managed numerous projects and community organizations over her career, in addition to creating countless business plans and market studies. She has also coordinated large-scale events and developed projects involving multiple and diverse partners, doing it all with her characteristic efficiency. These experiences have provided her with strong management, coordinating, and partnership development skills. Her strong analytical skills enable her to produce timely, clear, and succinct documents to satisfy her clients’ objectives.

Evaluation, research, and communications professional




Trained in the management of collective enterprises and public communications, Chantal Cholette has for many years applied the methodological rigour that is her hallmark to innumerable research projects, program evaluations, and impact studies. She has drawn on her skills to create evaluation frameworks, logic models, mobilization and communication strategies, and awareness-raising tools that are not only easy to understand and use, but also adapted to the needs and specific situations of our client groups. An excellent facilitator, she has a talent for bringing together different players to consider and discuss issues, sometimes of a sensitive nature, in small and large-scale settings.

Long-standing experience in organizational and community development




Many organizations—in the fields of human rights, economic and cooperative development, health, municipal administration, and cultural development—have benefited from Lyne Bouchard’s knowledge and practical strategic planning skills. In the course of these diverse mandates she has also drawn on her organizational development experience to design analysis frameworks specifically adapted to our client groups’ needs. In addition to her training as a facilitator, her ability to develop customized training programs, and her specialized skills—NLP practitioner, and Myers-Briggs and Thomas-Kilmann certifications—complete the range of services she is qualified to provide.